The Story Show was on hiatus while Heather lived a family medical journey. (Her dad had a bone marrow transplant and her boy had some brain shunt problems.) But now it’s time to bring the New London Story Show BACK!

Submissions will be accepted beginning February 14th, 2019 (that’s Valentine’s Day-easy to remember). Submissions will close on March 17th, 2019 (that’s St Patrick’s Day- easy to remember).

This Story Show’s theme will be: SHAKEN

The show will take place on April 28th, 2019

Write a story about a time when you were shaken, or life or the earth shook. Or put whatever twist you’d like on the theme, and email that story to heatheroftheeo@gmail.com (Use that email for questions as well.)

Story Show pieces are well-written true stories as you remember them, from your life, or the telling of someone in your life. You do not need to consider yourself to be a writer or performer. Story Shows are for anyone who wants to take part in an inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking spoken word event. Story Shows are for anyone who believes in the power of a story well-told.

Heather will help with any needed editing should your piece be chosen. If your story is chosen for the show, you will need to attend one round table reading with fellow Story Show story-tellers. You will also need to arrive early the day of the show to receive direction and get prepared.

Send your stories! Let’s get back at it!

Let's share a story.

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