Mark your calendars! The New London Story Show will return on September 17th at the historic New London Little Theatre! Join us at 3pm for a couple of hours of entertainment like nothing you’ve ever experienced. (Unless you’ve been to a Story Show, then it will be like that!)

The theme for this Story Show is Dirty Trick, so if you’d like to participate, write your story about a prank or a unexpected unwanted surprise life has thrown at you. Make the theme your own, have fun, and get your submission to Heather by August 25th! (

Tickets are $10 at the door on the day of the show.

If you have questions, leave a comment or email Heather at


What is a Story Show? Story Shows are live readings from the stage! If you’re familiar with shows like The Moth Radio Hour, Listen To Your Mother, Snap Judgment and more, you have the right idea. The stories in the New London Story show are written by local folks, submitted to Heather King and edited for time, creativity and excellence. Around 9 readers are chosen to share their stories, and Heather then arranges the pieces in an order that flows well for the overall Story of the Show.

Why would I like people reading to me? I’m a grown person. It’s difficult to explain the magic of a Story Show. One must trust that the rest of us that love the Story Shows have great reason for doing so. There is a celebration of the human spirit that is threaded throughout each show, no matter the theme. You will laugh, sometimes cry and certainly learn something. You will bear witness to courage, vulnerability and have a plain ol’ good time.

Where do I hear about this earlier? The Story Shows take place once every three months. You can start looking for updates right here on this website, on Facebook, on the New London-Spicer two towns: one destination tourism website (events calendar) and often in the local papers.

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